Tuesday, June 20, 2006



Mario sells fruit in the area of town where I am currently working. I met him near the Palacio de Justicia some time ago. As winter arrived in Paraguay, and the average outside temperature dropped to mid to upper 80's, I began to spent time outside the building in a nearby park. While there, I had a chance to share some Bible stories with Mario, and ask him what prayer requests he had. He shared with me that he wanted me to pray for his mind, that God would heal his mind. I thought that I didn't understand him so I asked for more information. He said that he wanted his thoughts to be pure before the Lord. I shared with he and some friends some stories that I use for evangelism. Last week, I found that he is saved, and has been baptized. He asked me to help him find a church where he can attend and belong.

He is concerned about his family members who do not know our Lord. I asked him where he supposes that the samaratan woman attended church after her conversion -Jn 4, or Cornelius in Acts 10. Both of these people would have been unwelcomed in a traditional religious service. They would not have been trusted, liked or received well. Mario lives in a neighborhood about an hour away from the area that he works. In his neighborhood are two churches, and both teach doctorines that are not biblical. I encouraged him to stay away from them. I also shared with him that there are other simple churches that are fairly close to his home of which I am farmiliar. I sugguested that they could maybe get together some during the week. Please pray for Marcelo and this potential church start.

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