Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Meet our children:

Caleb is very intellegent, 4 years old, and wants to know everything. His favorite word is "why" He loves reading, and has learned to sound out most words for himself. He loves music and arts as well. He learned to ride his bicycle about a year ago.

Lucas is very active, 2 years old also loves music and reading. Lucas enjoys music so much that he looks for every opportunity to play the instruments at our church after our meetings.

Both boys are taking swimming lessons, and doing well. Caleb is doing well, and lacks only self confidence. Lucas is a little young, and has problems with following the directions of the class, but the other two or three that attend are about the same age as he, and the goals of the class are very lax. There's no deadline for them to learn. Our goal is that they learn, get exercise, and learn social skills. This also gives us an opportunity to talk with the other parents who are there as well. Lucas has no fear.

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