Monday, June 19, 2006


Microsoft alternative

In philosophy class, we were taught that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Microsoft corporation, like several others have exercised great business practices, and as a result, risen above the rest in accessability, usability and leads the market in computer software.

Have you ever thought about the inconveniences of finding different software to use on your computer? How much do you really trust Microsoft, the world leader in computing? What are they really putting on your computer as a critical update?

If you trust them read this:,1895,1869377,00.asp
There are several other web pages that I could have put there, it's just that the author of this particular website has a more rounded vocabulary.

OK, let's suppose that you trust them. How much do you pay on anti-virus software annually? How many viruses have you had in the past year? and How much money are you willing to spend in the coming years?

I was fed up with the MS blues when a friend handed me a disc that contained another operating system, or OS that replaces XP. This particular disc was a linux OS. It didn't work so well for me, but I began to look for an alternative to XP.

This search led me to an operating system that allows me the luxury of booting my computer with a windows OS, or a linux system that is much more comfortable for me. For example: spyware does not work on my linux particion! Viruses -almost extinct! In fact, on my linux, I have no anti-virus software. I have ran the same program now for about a year, and have had no problems. Best of all, I have the option of double booting. What that means is that when I turn on my computer, I can choose to boot the system in Xandros, which is a very user friendly linux or unplug the internet connection and boot using Windows XP. If I trusted Moneysoft oh I mean microsoft, I would just leave the connection, but I don't know what they are sending to the main office from my machine.

The more I read about Xandros, the more I liked the options. I figured, I had extra hard drive space, and if I tried it and didn't like it I could uninstall it. At worst, I would be out ten dollars. At best, I would find a great alternative to the problems mentioned above. If double booting would protect my computer from viruses, maybe, I would have a part of my hard drive that would be salvaged in the event of a virus. I tried it and Love it.

I use xandros for everything I do on my computer except maybe two programs that just do not work yet. I currently use version 3. As I write this, I am anxiously awaiting Version 4. It should be out sometime today. Any way, I have a more secure email client that blocks fotos from my view unless I click an icon enabling me to see them, a more secure browser that does not accept spyware and viruses will not touch this part of my machine because I am not using anything from MS.

There are several builds at:

I chose to download the ten dollar version, although I am now ready to invest a little more money in the product, and even share what I have found.

Maybe, with less headaches with our computers, we will be free to be out in the street more and share with more people.

Happy computing.

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