Thursday, July 27, 2006


Cost of discipleship

This morning Mario and I had a wonderful visit. I shared with him that I have been praying for him and his family. I was concerned that often when there is only one believer in a couple, it creates conflict at times. He readily agreed with me. He told me that his wife said that he needed to choose between his Bible and her. If he didn't go to the march to Caacupe to honor the virgin, she would leave him. I asked him how he felt about that, and he told me that he had to follow Jesus.

I asked him to look at the directions given in Scripture 1Cor 7, so that he would have Biblical answers to his dilema. He discovered that if she wants to leave, then he has no choice but to let her go. They have been married 5 years, and together 7 years. I told him that trust is hard for a man to earn in Paraguay. She knows him and may just need some time to think about her loss before she realizes that she really wants both him and the gospel. He has discovered a Baptist church in his area, and wants to visit. We will take him either this Sunday or next.

Sunday is friendship day here, a time when Paraguayans typically give gifts to their friends. I gave Mario a book written by the Chuck Swindoll of Latin America. The title of the book is A Doorway Called Divorce. The author explains the Biblical basis given for divorce, the sanctity of the marriage commitment, and offers practical ways for reconciliation without compromise.

Please pray with me that his wife will come to her senses and accept Christ.

I took him home, and on the way we read 1 John, and talked about the different stages of the life of a believer: child, youth, father. When we arrived, we continued the discussion of 1 John. His cousin, Victor, joined us. I assured Mario of the fact that his sins were forgiven, and that a sign that he knows the Father is a desire to follow Him. We talked about the steps to spiritual growth -daily quiet time, memorizing scripture, and fellowship with others whose life has been changed by the power of the gospel. Victor is not a believer, but is interested. I gave him lots to think about today. Please continue to pray for this family, that God would call them from darkness into His light.

What an adventure!

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