Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Eye clinic

Today I helped a group of optomologists help around 500 patients, and fit them with eye glasses. A local church raised a tent inside a gymnasium, to provide less no means darkness. I shared the differences in beliefs with one of the doctors that came. He was Catholic, and very educated. We talked about a works based salvation vs a faith based salvation, and the syncrinism that has infected the Paraguayan culture. syncrinism is mixing the beliefs of one religion with another. Here, the first missionaries allowed the people to keep their superstitions and fears instead of recognize the sovereignty of our Lord. I didn't tell him anything about our beliefs that he did not already know.

I learned lots about eyes today. We saw people with legions growing over their eyes, scratched retnas, eyes that go in different directions, cataracts, diabetics, and older patients with colesterol. Most of the people we saw today were older patients.

It is amazing to me how much our eyes are affected by things like stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, too much time in the sun -especially here, and our age.

I suppose a spiritual parallel would be fruit production in the life of a believer see Gal 5:19-26. The circumstances of our aches and pains of life will always be there. In fact, Rick Warren says that life is like a railroad tract, having two parts one is on a high, while the other is at a low. We always have something that we could complain about if we choose to do so. Likewise, we always have something to give thanks for if we so choose. Our calling is to enjoy the presence of our Lord. We cease to bear the fruits of the spirit when we allow the stresses of life to call our attention away from our first love. We quickly begin to look for fulfillment in other areas. This is a daily battle for every believer. As we practice walking with Him, we become more and more aware of the pitfalls around us.

One man was hit in the eye when he was twelve. He appeared to be around 60 something years of age now. He lost vision in the injured eye at the time of the accident. I asked him how he felt about his friend who had done the dammage to his eye, and he said that he had forgiven him.

I affirmed that and said that when we don't forgive the people in our life, the one that suffers is us. We suffer the hurt over and over again. I was thankful that this man had found that truth. So many with whom I talk have yet to discover the liberating power of obeying God's commands.

Have a wonderful afternoon

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