Friday, July 14, 2006


The Lone Christian

About a month ago, Mario told me that he felt the need to belong to a body of believers. He needed to be connected in a church. I agreed with him, then I asked him about the Samaritan. We had only recently talked about that story. For Mario, and this Samaritan, a trip to the local First Baptist of Jerusalem would be quiet a hike, and if they went, chances are they would not be welcome. Supposing that they were welcome, they would not feel comfortable there. That's where the bosses go!! So, I told Mario that I would pray that God would raise a church in his neighborhood. My job is to plant churches. What an opportunity.

Mario loves to share his faith. Thursday, he and two different men got into my car and as we started down the road, he opened the door, and asked me to share my faith with them. I had less time, because we picked up one of my fellow church members on the way. He brought his guitar. They wanted to know him.

We sat in the small bedroom and Mario read some passages from Psalm 69 to a lady in her mid to upper 50's. She has diabetes, and was in pain that day. We visited with her, and sang some songs. I prayed and asked God to reveal Himself to them through healing her that afternoon. My hope was that God would authenticate the gospel for the small humble group of houses that are in that area.

My fellow church member and I left and as we drove home prayed for them again. Mario needs a church family. Pray with us that God will call his wife, his family, and her family to Himself. Mario has a pastors heart, and is not afraid to tell it like it is.


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