Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Small groups

The longer I spend on the field, the more I am convinced in the power of small groups. The world uses a small group concept to help people overcome all kinds of addictions. Jesus used a small group concept as He made disciples. In fact, when the crowds were too big, Jesus seemed to move away. Much has been written on this subject already, and the shift from traditional church to the personal touch of a small group is expanding God's kingdom throughout the globe.

My life was radically changed by the power of a small group as we began to open God's Word and study what He had to say to us and apply it to our life. At the time, I served in the Air Force. We began to discover the freedom found in Jesus, and fell in love with Him.

Here, I currently lead 4 small groups, and am hoping to start another. I have been helping out with the youth in our church this year. I told them that I would help them this year to raise leadership for our youth. We began with about 7 youth and a lot of enthusiasm. By God's grace, they have a leader, a man and wife team. Six were baptized recently. Last Saturday, a family came, forming another group, and another group said that they will come this Saturday. This means that the total groups for Saturdays will be three. I will lead two with the help of a 17 yr. old, responsible Paraguayan. So, two of the groups that I am leading are in the church, and the other are in government buildings.

One of the groups is struggling for survival. We meet at 6:30AM in their place of work, and three weeks in a row, nobody showed up. This is the peak of their season, and things may pick up within the next few weeks. If not, I'll invest my time elsewhere. I figure, it's better to end a group than to let it die a slow painful death. What I mean by that is that, if the people are feeling burdened and guilty because they have so much to do that they cannot make it, or that the group is not important enough for them to come, I can better use my energy to make friends and start new groups with hopes that they will become a church. Henry Blackaby taught us to work where God is working. As for now, I am still praying and going.

The other group is doing well. There are a few believers that work in this office building and they spend time with the people, have a good testimony, and want to see their friends come to the Lord.

Please pray that God will raise up someone to work with six children under the age of 5 who are at our youth meeting mostly unsupervised during our meeting time. What an opportunity for someone to minister.

I hope to see Mario today, Tuesday. Last week, we had a medical team here from the US. I had the privilege of translating for them some and seeing first-hand the work and ministry of the doctors who came. These were mostly retired missionaries, and their grown children who are now doctors themselves. They know the history of Paraguay. One girl came to visit the home that she grew up in. We live in that home now.

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