Wednesday, August 16, 2006


God who is our help

The God that we serve is so very good to us. Yesterday, He provided so much and I wanted to share with you some of the things that He provided yesterday as our youth shared their program with children in the park.

First, I have already told you about the rain, God provided clowdy skies so that our group would not be too large and unmanagable. This was our youth's first time to do any type of ministry.

There was an emergency need for me to run to the local supermarket and pick up supplies. There was no parking. I had to park on the street nearby, which by the way meant that there were long lines at the check-out counter. As I stood in line, I noticed that a register was beside me with only one man in line. This was not a rapid check out line, and there was no logical reason for there to be only one man in line except for maybe this register was about to close. I took my chances, and got behind the man in line, and he saw that I had only two items and allowed me to go in front of him.

God provided an older Paraguayan lady from the church to go with us and help the youth to face their fears and go play the games with the children, get to know them, and build friendships. I was busy talking with the adults, and do not have the same influence over the youth that this lady has.

Although no New Outreach groups were started as a result of this event, I feel that I was able to use the youth group in ministry, and I was able to make some contacts with adults for future ministry.

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