Tuesday, August 08, 2006


the ordinary

One thing that I enjoy about being a missionary is the freedoms that we have to study the context of our people, and follow Gods direction for reaching them. There are some similarities for each of us, but we really are given a lot of freedoms to choose how we are to engage the people. In contrast, my parents worked at a textile mill. I remember their frustration that every day was the same assembly line. Same problems, same solutions. At least from my young perspective, it seemed to be the same song, different day. I remember as a child, praying and asking God to please help me to have a job that would challenge me to boldly go where no one has already written the manual. Where I could explore, try new things and seek God's direction on how to accomplish a task.

Maybe your job is to plug into the assembly line of the mundane. Maybe, you work at a textile mill, or other job that always seems to have textbook answers. This is not a bad thing! It was just bad for me. I knew that I would not be happy with that type of a job. Maybe you are, maybe you are not satisfied with your work. We all travel different roads in this life, meaning that He has a different plan for each of us. I am much more mature now, and feel certain that what I longed for as a child and youth was that sense of adventure which only comes as a result of an intimate relationship with the Father. His guiding eye becomes the manual that we follow.

There is no satisfaction like that of watching a new convert make drastic commitments for Christ, or the passionate prayers of someone who has just found his first love. Knowing that God allowed me to play a part, large or small, in the new birth of the brother in Christ simply because I shared a tract, was friendly or prayed for him is an adventure that I would not care to trade for anything else.

Any believer has the potential to begin listening to the voice of the Master each morning, and following His directions. Even textile workers can spend time with the father. They are where the people hurt, are mistreated, abused, and often neglected. Every country in the world has these problems. The only answer is in a risen savior. We are the only ones qualified to offer God's perspective on any given situation. Whether we are talking to friends, coworkers, relatives or complete strangers we have the privilege of working with the Father to bring about a life changing encounter with the very God of the universe.

In His adventure,

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