Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The dreams from the enemy

I sat in the University classroom with a small group teaching them from God's word. One man, the talker who always seems to have a problem of some type told me about a dream he had had. He had dreamed that he was in front of a large group of people, and the Lord appeared to him and said that he was guilty. For him this was a reoccurring dream.

This man has fought lots of spiritual wars, but never really learned to use his weapons. In many ways he lives his life in the desert of self-centeredness and pity. Although there were others in the room that were well grounded in the scriptures, I responded by telling him that his dream was of the enemy. I told him that this was the enemy's favorite trick. He loves to tell believers that they are guilty. The Holy Spirit will never tell us that we are guilty without also telling us what we are guilty of.

The goal of the enemy is to tear us down, make us feel and become useless. He wants us to believe that we have no value. If he can get us chasing our non-existent guilt, he has won the battle. He has no power to take our salvation, change our status, or even make us sin. He has no power over our will at all. Although he can, and usually does lie to us to make us see our circumstances through his twisted glasses. This is an attempt to keep us off track and unproductive.

The Holy Spirit wants us to repent from an act, or attitude that breaks our fellowship with the Father. He wants us to return to the fullness of the joy found in Him. His purposes are always redemptive. His plan for us is found in Exodus 19:5, and 6. Two conditions: if we obey his covenant (get saved) and listen to His voice (Jesus said that His sheep hear his voice) we will be (three promised benefits) a priesthood of believers, His special treasure over all the earth and a clean people.

I shared with my friend that he should denounce the dream, and acknowledge that it was from the enemy and ask the Father to take it away.

We are often the mouth peace that the enemy uses to harm our brothers and sisters. If we participate with the Holy Spirit, our goals will be redemptive toward our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Whereas the lips of deceit work ruin.

Just a thought for today.

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