Tuesday, September 12, 2006


practical application of the Peter Principal for Missionaries

As I have contemplated today on the peter principle, see the post below, I have thought about the fact that if the principle is true for missionaries, at what point does it become true. Can we apply this principle to our ministries? I think that we may be able to in the following way. We are to be completely Dependant upon the Spirit and incompetent to do it apart from Him. Even giving up whatever abilities that we may have to His control. Jesus lived in dependence upon the Father. He said, that he could do nothing apart from the Father, yet He was God. He had arose to His highest level of incompetency. He was incompetent to work because He chose to limit His divine nature and become a man. He chose to live under the rules that we live under. In my opinion, that is why after fasting, he could not satisfy His hunger with divine powers. Instead, he had to wait for the Father to provide for Him. Just like we do. He chose to use the same limitations that we have, and gain strength through His complete dependence upon the Father. He gave this model to His friends in the context of a small group. He was transparent. We see His hurts. We know about this wilderness experience, His hunger on the mount, thirst in Sycar, and even His deep agony in the garden as sweat drops of blood fell to the ground, and His disciples slept. He was a man. Please don't misunderstand that He was God as well. He chose to humble himself and become a man.

I suppose that one could make a case for competency within our field of work. Maybe, some of my colleagues could say that they have no need for anything. Maybe, they can pull emotional strings, creatively exercise control over the people and maybe get the statistical information that they are looking for, to satisfy their requirements, and consciences. However, this person would be very obvious to everyone around him. I suppose one example is the guy who gives the orders for people to make decisions for Christ, instead of giving invitations. I suppose the bottom line is motives. If the motivation is to look good, feel good or impress others, we have yet to practice the Peter principle. God has called us to much more.

We are called to be completely void of self, even as our Master was. There is no room for me to do my own thing, whether a missionary or a factory worker. We are called to be in right relation with the Father, and join Him in what He is doing. Basically that means that we -maybe better stated I -need to admit incompetency. There is nothing I can do in order to bring about a CPM. Nothing.

My God is all powerful. He is all knowing, and fully capable of bringing about a CPM with or without me, or anyone else for that matter. There were many who rejected Jesus, and the apostles, even though it is not God's plan that any should perish. When they reject, we still have a responsibility before God to share His word, then share it again and again. I am not convinced that we will ever find the perfect strategy for anywhere that will work all the time, every time. I don't feel that God works like that.-even if it is all Bible! When God, the great counselor talked with Adam, Adam disobeyed. He counseled with Cain before Cain killed his brother. God Himself was Cain's counselor. Cain still disobeyed. Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem because they had rejected Him.

Our obligation, is to leave the results up to Him.

Having said that, if we are in right relationship with the Father, we will witness. We will memorize His word. We will, because of the crown that lies ahead, cry over the cities where God has called us to serve. We will recognize our own limitations, our own self-sufficiency, and renounce it. We will practice the gospel, and tell the gospel. If the Father chooses to save the city, as He did in Nineva, may we be humbled that He would work through unworthy servants.

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