Monday, October 02, 2006



My family and I spent the weekend with a group of youth from our church. The interesting thing about our youth is that the three couples that work with them all have children. In total there were ten children there under the age of 6 or so. We slept in tents in a resort area. This was not my first choice, but when we partner with churches, it is much better if someone else leads.

The children were so excited that they could not sleep for their naps, and at night they were not comfortable and did not sleep well. This meant that they were tired. They had their own program with the ladies, while the youth had theirs.

The original plan was to go to a camp with other churches in the convention. We were to stay at a convention owned camp about two hours from the city where we live. We had prepared a skit that we were to present to those at the camp. I did not see the skit, but they have good leadership and I expect that it will turn out well.

I met with the leaders of the group last night and they said that they wanted to preform that skit in the park where I am working. The skit lasts 7 minutes, so I told them that they needed to do more that just the skit. They would also need to sing some songs. They play instruments, and sing. In my unmusical opinion, they are professional quality. I look forward to involving them in ministry there. The event is scheduled for November.

My goal is to start new outreach groups as a result of this event. I feel self-conscious because I know that in May, I will be going to the states. But I can't just sit and wait until I go to the states and do nothing because that time is close.

I really appreciate the commitment that I see in some of these youth to be involved in the harvest.

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