Saturday, October 14, 2006


Leadership training

I sat on the sofa beside a man and his wife sat in the chair nearby. The house was very small, and they had their own children as well as three others, whose parents are working in Spain. The children were busy at the very sophisticated task of being their age, while I talked with this couple, their struggles, and the plans that God has for them. I shared with them that I was certain that God had plans for their life. They were interested, even excited to be a part of what God has for them.

They had invited their neighbors, and no one came. This is typical for us. I have learned that we have to be patient and establish a friendship with the people. I asked them who they expected to be a part of the study. They gave me the list of names, including a young man age 15 who was seated in front of a video game in the same room. I began to ask for ages, and found that many were adolescents. I told them that it would be very difficult to work with adults and have adolescents present. It would be equally difficult to work with adolescents and have adults there. Neither group would feel the freedom to share freely about their struggles, and how the Word applies to their life. I also found that most have small children that they are responsible for, which means that we would need to find a way to care for the children as well.

We planned to pass out invitations, serve juice, popcorn and yes yes (cheap cheese curls).
the couple told me that if we serve them anything at all to eat, that we could have a record crowd.

If this does not start a small group, I will ask them what they think about showing the Jesus film in their patio. Maybe, we will need to cast the net wide in order to have the adults to work with the children. It may be that there is another GCC couple in the area that would be interested in helping us. There is a church within walking distance from their help, but I know nothing about the church, and like everyone else, tend to be skeptical of things that I don't know. I am not sure that they would be interested in joining us in the work. If they are, I am not convinced that they would not want to control the work, and make it another outreach of their church. The last thing that I want is for them to join an existing church. My goal would not be accomplished, if I want to start a church there.

We are often busy building our own kingdom in Jesus' name. Bigger churches are not necessarily bad, unless you have a goal of starting small ones. If I want to train a church planter with my disciples, I need to involve them in planting churches. Their being members of an existing church would likely short-circuit the process.

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