Saturday, March 03, 2007


A free gift

It may suprise you to know that this missionary does not believe in free gifts. If a gift is worth having, it's not free. A rock in the street that you can pick up is free. I have given lots of mosquito repellent out this past month to those in need of much more than a small tube of repellent. Many are suffering with deep family needs, spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

A good gift is never free. I want to thank those who have given, paid the price so that I could be the one to give a gift to those around me.

Salvation itself is not free either. I believe when we promote it as a free gift, we lessen the value of it. When we talk about the price that was paid for our salvation, our converts are more likely to appreciate what they have.

The people know the price of the repellent that I have been handing out, and they have been thankful for it. My prayer is that they learn about another gift that cost much more than a bottle of repellent.

In Him,

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